Saturday, April 3, 2010

32 weeks and counting

Sean and I are expecting our second child (his first born, but the second we will be raising together). Our handsome little prince (to be named Logan Benjamin) is due May 26, 2010. If you had talked to me 2 months ago and asked if I was ready for this pregnancy to be over, my standard reply was "No way. I am relishing in every moment of this pregnancy. Plus I have so much to do and want to use all the time necessary to get it done right so we are prepared." Flash forward to now, as I am in my eighth month at 32.5 weeks pregnant and let's try that question again.

My sleep is frequently interrupted by bathroom breaks, which is pretty standard; but I think the worst is only having two sleep positions. On the right side, or on the left side. This baby is a big boy already. I wake up in the middle of the night because he has pushed his weight on whatever hip for however many hours I have managed on that side and it is time to flip over. This is no simple thoughtless task anymore. It isn't like flipping a pancake, it is now like taking that same spatula and trying to flip over a pot roast. Now I must use all the arm strength I have to either push up or pull up and heave my body over to the other side. I almost wet myself laughing this morning as my husband pushed me to try to assist me in getting to the other side. That brings me to bladder control. Never before have I had to RUN (okay, we all know that is a lie. How about WADDLE really really fast) to the bathroom at a moments notice. Now, my bladder may not be full, but the little guy thinks it is a great game to try to deflate it, or use it at a trampoline and that creates a rather urgent feeling.

I have 5-8 weeks....okay I know I am lying to myself again...5-10 weeks before this baby comes. I know I have big babies and I have a big belly. Honestly, people, I am lugging this bad boy around by day...and see above for the by night. I don't need to be compared to the beautifully petite people you know who have beautifully petite babies are next to my body size. I can't think of the last time I walked up to someone and said hmmmmm you are no super model, but you look happy, so that is good. Common sense, as I understand it, is not so common anymore, but you wouldn't tell a sick patient how awful they look because it is rude. What did pregnant people do to you anyway? Is it the glow that pisses you off???

So today, at 32.5 weeks, I enjoy the connection I have to my little bug. I love getting everything ready and I am anxious to meet him. I still have too much to do between work and personal to get ready, but I hope to have at least 5 weeks to accomplish all of that. Physically speaking, I hope to not have much more than 5 weeks. Mentally, I am ready to welcome this little boy into our lives. Emotionally, well, the next person who compares me to that skinny pregnant lady they know may get smacked with a box of hoho's. :)

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  1. Last pregnancy, I was told once that I was glowing. I looked in the mirror. I wasn't glowing - I was sweating. Thanks dude for pointing out my piggishness as I lugged around twins in the early summer heat!