Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5th Dr. Appt

WHEW HEW!!!! I didn't gain a pound. Doing a happy dance. I am two pounds away from my full pregnancy weight gain max limit, so this is starting to really matter. Especially now that I could potentially have 5-9 weeks left of weekly gains. To have 2 weeks where you take a break...very beneficial at this point. No worries, the little nutrient sucker is still getting his fair share.

Other things to note, my blood pressure is still good. The baby's heart is still pumping strong. He has sunken down into my lower tummy for some fun kicking and punching the last two days. This has been great on my lungs, but feels awfully weird when sitting at a desk. The squirming feeling is somehow intensified.

Now, I have the intense feeling of time creeping up on me. The to-do list is growing and time is passing quickly. Things we had in place way far in advance are being challenged and rearranged. Looks like I have some life balancing to do. :)

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